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Welp, free boi summer is coming to an end. This week, I accepted an offer to join cybersecurity startup, @runpanther.

I’m stoked to be joining this team and diving into a new domain.

This morning:

✅ consult for computer vision company
✅ get denied offer on a satellite imaging gig
✅ get verbal offer on a network security gig
✅ discuss potential contract on motorsports gaming gig

This afternoon: goin camping to think about what I wanna do next.

I found a faucet for my wallet and bridged the tokens over to an L2 chain to save on transfers. I didn’t increase my gas tho.

That goddamned hallelujah song has been playing at this bar for like the last 2 hours or so. Who does this.

When you realize that the music you’re blaring at club levels is also pumping out of your outdoor speakers…