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You know those days where you’re simultaneously rushed and slowed down by everything around you from start to finish? Having one of those.

I just looked up a coworker on our employee directory while in a meeting and accidentally changed their name to my yubikey OTP value.

Sorry, cccjgjgkhcbbirdrfdnlnghhfgrtnnlgedjlftrbdeut

We’ve officially reached the season where I have to give my dog a shower after each time he goes outside.

I just went to an event where a dude gave a talk on tracking, capturing, and hacking weather balloons. It was effectively nerdier and trickier geocaching. Seemed pretty fun tho.

Today, I felt incredibly inefficient, learned about some friends getting laid off, and learned about other friends having a hard time.

…I didn’t really like today

It’s remarkable how much more drive and energy I have when I spend more time out of my house, around real live people.

“Have a good rest of your day” is a really weird phrase. Right? I hear it so much.

Iowans who make less than ~$54k a year will pay higher state taxes this year.

We just passed a bill to give our tax dollars to private schools with no accountability in how they use it.

I keep accidentally breaking my dangly gold dagger earring.

Maybe I’m not meant to be a dangly boy.