October 11, 2008

I took 25 photos and wrote 13 microblogs. I was in Mount Vernon, Des Moines, and Marion.

todd gehrke is an amazing guy
amber gallegos, leah hagedorn, smurf, paige sindt, joey haynaker, blake richardson, friends, and my butt ass stankin wife. good night.
wakin up. my head is painin.
headin back to dsm
i am fracking starving. need lunch soon!
grabbin a sandwich at JJs
uncomfortable as shit. how come every time i buy dress pants, they seem to only fit me 1 time?
tryin to make it to luke and mindy's wedding on time... as usual we might get lucky
omg. the fire alarm is going off at this wedding
this is an amazing wedding/reception. especially now that the fire alarms are sorted out, heh
there are some attractive people at this wedding. ;) 1 comment
turntable dj at a wedding reception. awesome.
at court ave. brewing co.

Listened to

Metallica, Tech N9ne, Nada Surf, Best Fwends, The Envy Corps, Aphex Twin, Mindless Self Indulgence, Ice Cube, Ministry, Krizz Kaliko, Bumblebeez, Him, Jay-Z, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, KMFDM, and more...