October 20, 2008

I wrote 11 microblogs. I was in Johnston.

portishead and programming.
ever since i got this blackberry, a lot of people have had to later ask me if i got their text or not. the answer is no alot. 1 comment
about to embark on importing data from a horribly, horribly modeled mysql db into my beautifully modeled rails app.
headin to johnston for a broomball meeting.
@harper work from home tomorrow around the time they tried to deliver it today.
leavin the broomball meeting, headin to the dsm web meetup
filled up for under $60! with 93 octane!
drupal seems like a pretty crazy piece of software, though i would probably never use it... well, maybe for the broomball site...
inkscape is also neat. headin back to ankeny for foooood. 1 comment
at benchwarmers with nathan, ando, n chuck
that was a pretty fun/social night. i think im gonna go straight to bed without even looking at my computer. omg!

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Ides of March, The Smashing Pumpkins, T.I., and Gorillaz