October 6, 2008

I wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Marion.

huh, all the stoplights around the junc are broke.
weak. my 401k value has dropped below my net investment, haha. stupid economy.
@right65 yeah dude, christmas stuff went out like a week ago in lots of stores, wtf.
gah damn i love nofx
fighting kari for bookshelf space. i built the damn thing and my shelf space keeps getting taken away. 1 comment
takin kari to django for her birthday dinner.
django was decent. food was pretty good, service sucked. atmosphere was loud and cafeteria-like. heading to sbrocco for wine. join us! 1 comment
@right65 wine bar on court - in between 2nd and 3rd 4 comments
oy. completely full. sbrocco was a nice place. i hope it does well.
so i tried clinical strength deodorant today, took off my shirt before bed, and my armpits straight up didnt smell. this is a first for me 1 comment

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