Saturday, October 4, 2008

I took 30 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Des Moines, Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, and Marion, Iowa.

12:10 am

Dancin with Chuck

12:11 am


12:13 am

Figuring out Kari's hair

12:13 am

Craig n Tia

12:15 am


12:21 am


12:21 am


12:26 am

Dancing at Liar's Club

12:26 am

I have no idea what is going on here

12:28 am


12:28 am

At Liar's

12:31 am


12:33 am

Dancin with "that guy"

12:44 am

Me and Kari

12:44 am

Being Sang To, ha

12:53 am

After Tobbie Ate Shit - notice the dirty knees and kari's embarrassment
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12:58 am

cedric leaves and house of pain comes on. white kids jumpin around all over the place

1:06 am

Kyle works at Liar's, ha

1:55 am

home. snackin! makin frozen pizza!

9:58 am

ninja says, it's time to wake up

11:45 am

so i ordered kari and i gas cards and accidentally put kari reynolds on hers, haha

12:36 pm

well now that weve stopped in bondurant and colfax, kari has her sandwich and we're actually on the way to CR

3:33 pm

at stevee and blake's wedding

4:02 pm

Stevee and Blake's Wedding Ceremony

4:05 pm

aww weak. getting dismissed person by person with hugs. and we're in the back

4:45 pm

Stevee and Blake

4:46 pm

Blake and Stevee
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4:46 pm


4:46 pm

Lindsey and Kari

5:25 pm

i love when receptions have fancy appetizer people walking around.

5:36 pm

Kari and I

6:07 pm


6:14 pm

this pastor just blessed blake and lindsey for the second time, haha.

8:09 pm

Lindsey and Kari

8:38 pm

Kari and I

9:05 pm

receptions are tough when you dont really know anyone. grabbin a drink at granite city

9:11 pm

@mikeharper i'm actually celebrating a dinner i had a year ago too! i loves me some dinner anniversaries!

10:38 pm

Vic's Nerf Machine Gun.

10:39 pm

Vic's Nerf Machine Gun.

10:40 pm


10:40 pm

Vic's Nerf Machine Gun.
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11:44 pm

we just bought