October 29, 2008

I wrote 10 microblogs. I was in West des Moines.

k, gettin up on time today.
i want some screwed and chopped kriss kross
man. bummed... and back to working. lotsa todos!
takin bob's viper to star bar, woooo
today's gnat kill count so far: 8 3 comments
vicki and matthew stopped over. hangin out.
kari and i are eating sticky rice and burritos, ha
havin homebrew with zach.
packing suitcases.
today was certainly disappointing, but it was nice to hang out with peeps. definitely not excited about having to take kari to work tomorrow

Listened to

Pink Floyd, Love and Rockets, Junior Senior, Lupe Fiasco, Minotaur Shock, The Offspring, Ray Cash, Revolution Mother, Gwar, Clutch, Rage Against the Machine, Mindless Self Indulgence, Kris Kross, Extol, MMM, and more...