October 2, 2020

I slept 7.5 hours, checked in to 2 places, took 5 photos, wrote 5 microblogs, walked 5.8 miles, and weighed 179.0 pounds. I was in Des Moines and Bloomfield Township.

woke up after sleeping 7.5 hours
2020 is wild. I hope the president doesn’t die. 2 comments
checked in at Fleur Car Wash, Des Moines, Iowa
The whole proud boys meme thing is a mindfuck. I love it. 1 comment
RIP Vaudeville Mews. 1 comment
checked in at 801 Chop House, Des Moines, Iowa
I have eaten a LOT of blue cheese tonight. I hope it is safe to have this much mold in my body.
@aaronsalmon #juststop #ordont #whichever

Listened to

Green Day, SNBRN, Kaskade, Elderbrook, Tchami, Beyoncé, Bronson, Claude VonStroke, Tina Turner, Hot Chip, Linkin Park, Riff Raff, Dombresky, Dua Lipa, LASTLINGS, and more...