December 1, 2010

I wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Ankeny.

I am 29.32 years old, I graduated from Riverdale HS 11.53 years ago, graduated from Cornell 7.5 years ago, and have been Married 5.11 years. 4 comments
Everyone go pick up today's issue of juice and look for me in it, haha... or just go here: 2 comments
Yikes. Just had my second ever OSX kernel panic... both in the last week, while leaving a youtube video paused in chrome. 5 comments
@minnis that is hilarious.
Really wish I had some good beer in this house... just looking at these leftover party high lifes and bud light limes makes me cringe. 3 comments

Listened to

Sam Adams, Apparat, DJ AM, Isan, Air, The Knife, Mux Mool, Telefon Tel Aviv, Marc Hellner, The Bled, Oliver Nelson, The American Analog Set, The Chap, Daft Punk, Asher Roth, and more...