December 15, 2010

I checked in to 4 places, took 1 photo, and wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and West Des Moines.

Lies. By T-Mobile! 1 comment
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
I'm definitely past the point of working late, going out even later, and then catching myself happily working again at 3am... huh.
Facebook's new profile page has created a fun little "profile photo bombing" game.
Where's a good place in dm to get some good quality color scans?
checked in at Target, Ankeny, Iowa
checked in at Jordan Creek Town Center, West Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
Ugh. "So do you want Christmas Vacation or Love Actually?" -kari 10 comments

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