December 19, 2010

I checked in to 4 places and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and Des Moines.

checked in at Stix, Ankeny, Iowa
Back at stix. I forget how amazing this place is. Half suburban, half country, half hood. That's 3 halves!!! 1 comment
DJ just straight up dropped naked chicks all over every screen on last call. Where were you on that one ando? Hahaa
Just did a blind taste test with some friends. The 20 year tawny wound up to be barely better than the $6 trader Joe's sherry. wtf. 1 comment
Just woke up for the second time today, ha. What a bum. 1 comment
checked in at Brenton Skating Plaza, Des Moines, Iowa
Week 2 of Broomball felt pretty good... slowly getting back in the groove.
Domain reselling should be illegal.
Sorry, domain name speculation should be illegal.
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
Goin to bed... I've been awake for a total of 9 hours today, haha 1 comment

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