December 11, 2010

I checked in to 3 places, took 3 photos, and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Cedar Rapids and Marion.

I'm kinda sad that @Brightkite is going away. I use that to checkin and track the less venue-y places that I visit.
Bull and bronco riding is ridiculous. I am not an animal activist by any means, but man, ropes around your dick? Not cool. 1 comment
checked in at The Reynolds Household, Marion, Iowa
So @djdiverse talks shit about people spamming... Right in the middle of spamming everyone else 36 times per hour.
HTML5 and CSS3 actually make me enjoy writing markup again.
Huh... Forgot to pack underwear this weekend... Freedom! 1 comment
Keggin some homebrew... we had a bit of action on this fermentation, heh.
checked in at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
checked in at The Reynolds Household, Marion, Iowa
Partying is WAY more productive than talking about politics. 1 comment

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Janelle MonĂ¡e, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Atmosphere