December 30, 2012

I slept 8.1 hours, posted 1 photo album, wrote 8 microblogs, walked 3.5 miles, and weighed 184.1 pounds. I was in Ankeny.

went to bed
fell asleep
woke up after sleeping 8.1 hours
Christmas 2012
Hoping you all had happy holidays. We sure did. 6 comments
@iandees speedlite 430 EX II
@iandees oops... and yep, pointed at the ceiling with a diffuser.
@iandees 50mm lens is the best bang for the buck, IMO. Speedlites are nice, but also kind of a pain to carry around.
iTunes flat-out won't let me add newly ripped movies to my library anymore... It just seems to fail silently... Anyone seen this before? 11 comments
@littlelazer don't think so, ripped a bunch of DVDs with handbrake using Apple TV 3 settings... I was able to add them fine yesterday
@littlelazer P.S. Got it! Lib must've been corrupt. Renaming 1 file and adding it back to the library revealed all the movies I added today.
went to bed
I walked over 2 miles and 30 flights of stairs without leaving my home today... Related, I am really liking the Fitbit One.

Listened to

NOFX, Nirvana, and Animal Collective