February 1, 2007

I wrote 16 microblogs.

Waking up at 6:40am is stupid.
Taking kari to get some surgery
Omg. I hate hospital waiting rooms. Why didn't I bring my ipod?
Kari's done with surgery... all went well. Waiting to go hang out.
Kari feels a little drunk
Hanging out with wifey
Waiting in line at a car wash....
After being stuck in line for 30 minutes... getting my car washed
Taking care of kari... trying to work
Hanging out w/ neckcut
Hmmm, Kari's passed out... I'm making a total ghetto bachelor meal.
apparently i didn't have vw on my twitter buddy list for a long time, wtf.
my laim twitter plugin rules! msg me if you want a copy. it's mostly done...
I am currently drinking my 5th soda of the day, wtf
Hanging out with neck cut
Pretty tiring day, heading to bed...