Saturday, February 17, 2007

I took 45 photos and wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Redwood Falls and New Ulm, Minnesota.

12:33 am

Never trust a brewery under 140 years old.

12:46 am

"If you miss this, I'll kiss your bare ass"

12:56 am

Getting a Tour of the VFW

12:56 am

Old Cash Register
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2:24 am

Sleep time, mn.

9:31 am

Woken up by joshie

12:58 pm


1:38 pm

Leaving th New Ulm Motel

1:51 pm

Welcome to Bock Fest

2:08 pm

Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke Heu Heu Heu
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2:08 pm

My Crow

2:31 pm

Kari and Jeff

2:33 pm

Schell Beer

2:43 pm

Trying to use a phone with gloves on

2:57 pm

The dude that crapped in our mouths last year

3:06 pm


3:07 pm

@ Bockfest

3:27 pm

Empty Schell cans waiting to be filled

3:36 pm


3:45 pm

This woman stole my crow and wouldn't give it back

3:47 pm

Beer Beer Beer

3:49 pm

I just stole a kid's crow. haha. yeah. no, he's pissed. haha.
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3:51 pm

Me and Kari

4:15 pm

The first of about 30 spills to come out of Wingert's hands

4:15 pm

Premium Grain Belt

4:24 pm

Fire pit with the carmelizing irons

4:26 pm

Monica, Kari, and Amy

4:30 pm

Kari, getting her doppelbock carmelized
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4:30 pm


4:34 pm

Amy talked the Shell's dude into tying her shoe.

4:35 pm

Full Trough

4:40 pm

Closing Up Shop

4:43 pm

Band at Bockfest

4:44 pm

Rico, Nathan, and Some Dude

4:46 pm

An awesome beer holder idea

4:48 pm

Girls with the fur dudes

4:49 pm

Fur Dudes

4:49 pm

Fur Dudes

4:49 pm

Fur Dudes

4:53 pm

Porta Potties

5:37 pm

Our Motel Room

6:04 pm

Nathan found a bus driver to take us downtown

6:05 pm

Heading Downtown

6:37 pm

Playing Pong

6:56 pm

Running around new ulm

7:05 pm

Grizzly Adams and Jeff

8:16 pm

Kari and I

9:25 pm

"I'll give you $10 for that entire tray"
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10:00 pm

Zen Rfanklib

10:16 pm

Dugo's in the hospital! Eep