Sunday, February 11, 2007

I took 34 photos and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Illinois and Iowa.

1:06 am

Debonair! Wamp wamp.

1:20 am

Harper and Claudia

1:32 am

Red Hair Matt @ Debonair

1:42 am


1:43 am

@ Debonair

1:44 am

Morgan and Henson

1:44 am

Telo Says No

1:45 am


1:46 am

For the record: Sound does not travel through Harper's Belly

1:47 am

@ Debonair

1:56 am

Jordan @ Debonair

1:58 am

Henson and I

1:59 am

Harper and I

1:59 am

Mikey and Tag

2:05 am


2:29 am

2:33 am


2:34 am

Getting Choked - earrings in
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2:34 am

Hours before figuring out my earrings were ripped out

2:34 am

A quick tackle for the choke out - earrings not in

2:43 am

Harper Playing Cell Phone

2:47 am

Probably Punching Nuts

2:47 am

Harper and Clock
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2:47 am


3:04 am


3:11 am

Harper's Lighting Install

3:26 am

I just lost my diamond earrings

3:37 am

Lights at Redno5

3:41 am

I love it when clubs have drummers playing with the club music

3:53 am

@ Redno5

3:59 am

Probably time to go home

4:35 am

Tonight was a blast. Aside from my diamond earrings getting ripped out and lost. ...mega sad face

10:30 am

Oh man. About 10 hours of sleep in the whole weekend. Broomball's gonna be rough tonight.

11:50 am

This guy is an idiot. It was like 15 degrees.
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12:10 pm

Outside Nandy's APT Window

12:50 pm

Heading back from chi...

1:44 pm

Brian, Me, Nehru, and Jamie

3:09 pm

Big Muddy

6:10 pm

Omg. Just pulled into my driveway from chicago. Grabbed my bag and am now driving to broomball

8:00 pm

District 5
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8:41 pm

Encore pizza. I want my bed.

10:07 pm

I am going to sleep like none other.