Friday, February 16, 2007

I took 19 photos and wrote 6 microblogs. I was in Iowa and Minnesota.

12:11 am

Sleeping. Hopefully getting better tonight.

9:12 am

Oy. This cold sucks. Still, I'm conquering it.

12:56 pm

Driving to minnesota. BOMBBBBB

1:04 pm

Driving to Redwood Falls

1:24 pm

I made Rico's car mad

2:47 pm

One of these hats came with us

2:49 pm

We're Talkin' Serious Bone Suckin' Sauce

3:54 pm

Starting to drive through snow...

5:52 pm

"Water for Daddy"

6:00 pm

With Kari's Glasses
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7:41 pm

Drinking in redwood falls, minnesota.

7:47 pm

Chumly's, Redwood Falls

8:54 pm

Here they come

9:30 pm

Heading to Dinner

9:34 pm

VFW, Redwood Falls

10:29 pm

@ The VFW
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10:34 pm

7-14-21. I lost

10:54 pm

Kill Hannah on the Jukebox at a VFW in Minnesota

11:05 pm

Wingert Shooting Pool

11:06 pm


11:11 pm

Nathan Shooting Pool

11:18 pm

Playing Pool

11:30 pm

Shirts/Skins Pool

11:44 pm

Natural Born Chiller

11:51 pm

I straight played kill hannah on a jukebox in a minnesota vfw