Saturday, February 10, 2007

I took 2 photos and wrote 11 microblogs. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

1:13 am


1:53 am

@ Ohm. I love chicago.

4:52 am

5am. Suppose I should crash.

10:18 am

Holy. I have no idea where I even am.

10:30 am

Apparently in lakeview... Finding a cab in these parts is not easy.

12:01 pm

Hanging out at henson's

2:01 pm

Chicago auto show

4:06 pm

4:06 pm

Glenfarclas 40 Year - $3500

5:41 pm

Driving a hemi around chi!

6:50 pm

Hanging out at henson's

8:31 pm

Heading to dinner at Las pinatas

10:23 pm

Desert party! Sand. No drinks. Hotness.