April 15, 2007

I posted 1 photo album, took 21 photos, and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Des Moines.

Liars club..... woooooo 1 comment
@ harper - Liars club des moines. Cedric is too cool for this place 1 comment
Walking to big toms....
I just ran faster than errrone else in cars all the way to big tomato. 1 comment
@harper That's why I win
Heading home... des moines ends early.
Just woke up, heh...
Lunch @ pancheros
Dropped kevi off at the airport... heading to a park with kari and ninja.
Kevi's Bachelor Party
Bill's pizza is no more - sad. Eating pizza at "verne and ashley's"
Just had the most annoying dinner ever. I hate kids. and I hate horrible parents worse.
Watching the departed 1 comment