May 9, 2010

I checked in to 5 places, took 11 photos, and wrote 6 microblogs. I was in Kansas City, Lathrop, Ankeny, Cypress, and Clive.

checked in at Flying Saucer, Kansas City, Missouri
Our suites look like something out of the hangover. Plus wingert's glasses are lost, nick's shoes are lost, and my camera bag is lost. 4 comments
Maddest dude ever. 2 comments
checked in at Trex Mart Country Cafe, Lathrop, Missouri
Really wishing that awesome weekend wouldn't have ended so badly. Also really hoping that dog tag I put on my camera bag pays off... 3 comments
"The only way I can see someone stealing a pair of shoes is if they liked them and they were the right size" -chuck 3 comments
things stolen from our room last night: a watch, a camera, a camera bag (+ accessories), shoes, sunglasses (x3), money, and eyeglasses. suck 14 comments
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
whew. that broomball triple header was rough after that weekend. headin to bed!