August 4, 2011

I checked in to 4 places, took 6 photos, and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Marion, Brooklyn, and Ankeny.

Man. We have good friends. 1 comment
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
it's pretty surreal sitting in and looking around my office right now. tomorrow i head to a new city. monday, a new office… i should pack. 1 comment
i really with my iPad would sync. 2 comments
checked in at Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Ankeny, Iowa
ok… i really need to get serious about this packing thing. 1 comment
Just asked my wife what I should name a simple language translation class. She said, "babelfish" haha... so tempted. 3 comments
checked in at Pilot Travel Center, Brooklyn, Iowa
checked in at The Reynolds Household, Marion, Iowa
Looks like we just adopted a 95 pound chocolate lab named chewbacca... thinking about renaming Garth to Darth. 3 comments
Chewy is most definitely not an indoor dog. Kari definitely has her work cut out for her. 2 comments