This is a collection of 19,064 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 15.59 years.

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I just left my job at Venmo to catch a bit of fresh air and recharge. I’ve got nothing lined up and don’t plan to work for a few months... but if you're working on something fun, I'd love to chat in the fall.

In the mean time, let's hang!


Covid day 4 (or 5... is it 0-based or 1-based): I feel totally normal aside from sinus drainage and a sore throat. Very ready to not be isolating.

i've been tinkering on a new personal site. it's not ready for the prime time but i just launched it anyway.

nuxtjs ssr client talking to a rest python api that's reading a mysql db that i built over 20 years ago, hah.


Every time that I get a new dog, I introduce them to entirety of the Pink Floyd - Animals album... particularly the track, Dogs.

Well, that OG rap show was refreshing... No hype boy screaming. No rapping over prerecorded voices. Just doin it… Also, Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi live.

It looks like I’ll be seeing Snoop Dogg at the Markslayer center with Richard Ford Trucks this evening. First concert in 2 years!

I just went to physical therapy, and my therapist was like, “who’s that on your shorts?” … I don’t think he expected me to say, Charles Manson

A brand new pair of Grindshoes has just arrived in the mail. These old knees are about to die.

I asked my chiropractor for digital copies of my x-rays and he gave me a burned CD, lol. What do I do with this?

Seeing your wife walking down a city sidewalk and cat calling her as you drive by… hahah. 😍😍😍