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I just saw Beyoncé perform and holy shit.

I did not expect to have the emotional reaction that I had during her opening tracks. That woman is the real deal.

What an incredible show.

Sitting on a bluff overlooking the raccoon river at midnight.

Haze over the cornfields on the horizon. Big Dipper above.

The only sounds are the white noise from the stream, the crickets, frogs, and the occasional owl.

Just saw a dude with an ankle tracker walking a Harley down the sidewalk on MLK, lol.

Seems legit.

My Bronco has officially passed the 1,000 mile break-in. No more baby footin around for this guy.

Well @8035 day 1 certainly didn’t disappoint. Ramona was fun as shit, Deerhoof was loud af, Tayls partied hard, Sudan Archives was v talented, and Ric Wilson sounded incredible. The highlight though, was seeing Maxilla Blue back on stage. I had forgotten how good those shows are.

Sometimes air travel feels like magic. Others times, it makes you wonder wtf you’re doing with your life.

This 32 hour trip home from Boston was definitely the latter.


Dear thunderstorms, instead of ruining all of my connecting flights, could you plz consider watering my lawn instead? Ok, thank you.

It is seemingly impossible to book an @Uber from a hotel near the Boston airport. Uber overrides the pick up location to the airport ride sharing spot…

Great job!

Almost every person that @kbroox and I have interacted with in New England has commented on our tattoos... and I’ve started to notice that there are hardly any other people with tattoos in this part of the country. Preppy ass weirdos.

Tried to book a car with Hertz on Tuesday, but their website was giving me some nonsensical errors… so I booked a car with another company.

A day later, Hertz sent me a confirmation and charged my card for the failed booking.

I now have 2 cars reserved.

I recently had a wild dream that made me wish I had a bomb shelter… and I keep thinking about it.

Is this how people become preppers?

Hobbies include: pacing around the house looking for my slippers, giving up, and then just putting on my other pair of slippers.