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I’m at this drag brunch and a drag queen just crammed a dollar down my shirt. Feeling very sexy rn.

I just came here to say that I care a lot about what rich people are doing. I’m so happy that we have this outlet to talk about the rich.

Hey, do you guys ever post selfies? I’ve been thinking about posting a selfie.

Man, it makes incredibly happy to see the marriages of our gay friends and family being protected.

We should do more good for our neighbors. It feels great.

Remember when Trump convinced Herschel Walker to move to Georgia to run for Senate?

Heh. I wonder if he’s gonna stick around.

I miss the excitement of CD drops.

Going to the store and finding that anticipated album on the shelf… Buying it as swiftly as possible and then flipping through the album booklet, appreciating the art, and listening to the whole thing front to back for the first time…

4 checking accounts, 5 savings accounts, 4 crypto wallets, 4 investment accounts, 4 IRAs, 2 401ks, a 403b, and a pension.

i feel like i need to do some consolidation here...

I think I drank too many energy drinks.

I haven’t clubbed in awhile.

I hope I feel like sleeping at some point in the future.

My father-in-law recently said, “The metaverse sounds like something that would be really, really cool if I was in a coma.” …and I think that’s just about perfect.