This is a collection of 19,191 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 16 years.

Check out my latest entries below, some of my top remarks or some things that I love or wish for.


My dog, Durby, loves eating cicadas… but only after he lets them buzz around in his mouth for an awkward amount of time. Weirdo.

After 4 months of free boi summer, I feel like it's about time to get a job again. If you're working on, or know of something fun, plz hit me up!

I'm open to consulting, contracting, or full time work.

Here are some things that I've built: broox.dev

~$20k of my teacher wife's student loan debt was forgiven when we were in our late 20s. It was life changing for us and I think it's pretty neat that millions of other folks will get this opportunity.

Gosh, I love nightlife. I miss running around with a crew and listening to good music and being ridic.

I was just at an intersection where a beggar and his dog were sitting right next to a Mercedes with the license plate, GOTBANK. I wanted to capture a photo of the juxtaposition, but couldn’t. The pompous upper class and wealth gaps of our country gross me out more and more.

Today, I left the wilderness in a pontoon plane and our pilot flew us through a narrow canyon like Luke Skywalker through the Death Star. It was a lot more beautiful tho.

So anyway, I’m back on the grid now.

Bout to jump on a plane with a few dudes and land on a v remote lake that has 1 cabin, a few boats, and a shit ton of walleye in it.

Off the grid for a bit.
Gone fishin.

Whenever a support rep asks if you have any more questions for them, it’s fun to just ask them for free stuff… even though it almost never works.

Me: we’ll be homebrewing in the garage for the next 3-4 hours
Me, 8 hours later: where did this all go wrong

Me: I just have so much to do. I’ve gotta put the Jeep back together, take the dog to day care, clean the garage, brew beer…
Kari: … I have to go to my job.
Me: … noted. yeah. ok. sorry.

Just had the best sushi experience that I've had since visiting Japan for my birthday 3 years ago. Omakase at Kado No Mise in Minneapolis is legit. Very, very legit.

3 months of not working and I still have very little desire to get back to a traditional job in the tech industry. Free boi summer continues.