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Dreamt that I got an early delivery of the Tesla truck. It was fun to show people, but I had big regrets and wanted to flip it.

I think this was inspired by a meme that I saw yesterday, but it was also the realest dream that I’ve had in a while. Hahah.

What a silly vehicle.

This morning I stepped on my Withings scale and then quickly stepped off before it registered who I was cause I was unhappy with the results.

Kari just left for Denver.

Who wants to party?

Or play video games, blare awful music, wrestle, get dinner, or burn down my house or something.

Kari just came into my office, pointed a knife at me and said, “you’re not doing a very good job taking care of my needs. I need you to make me a drink!”

And then she said, “don’t tweet that!”

The problem with wearing stretchy-ass, comfy diesel pants all the time is not having immediate feedback about how fat you’re getting.

Just tried to put on some raw denim jeans and died.

Thinking about the old Netscape Navigator web browser, and how people used to call it, “Nutscrape.”

What a time to be alive.

Just realized that today is my 1-year anniversary of being employed again.

Free boi summer was such a tease.

I miss it, but learning and building and gettin paid is pretty cool too.

i hope everyone had a nice chill local election day and makes the most of this holiday season... cause next year is gonna get gnarly af.