This is a collection of 19,191 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 16 years.

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It’s kinda surreal to see old skaters like Mike Vallely and Brandon Novak just chillin around our lil Iowa city this weekend.

Just went to the dew tour in Des Moines. It was super fun to hear all of the young girls being all stoked to see Sky Brown rip around the park.

An old man just did a triple juke around me in the men’s room. Sneaker squeaks and all. Great form.

My golf game has much room for improvement, hahah. Regardless, it’s still so much fun to be hanging outside and swingin clubs with good folks. I’m very glad that this game has re-entered my life.

Now, if we could work on these lame-ass dress codes.

Hit some golf balls, rode my bike, played sand volleyball, did some topless Jeepin, and still let a few minor annoyances get the best of my day. Brains are weird.

Just randomly saw @chkchkchk perform for my first time since 2007. Holy shit. I didn’t expect that to be the best show that I’ve seen in years. What a party!