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When impacted by something that we don’t fully understand, it’s important to express our ignorance by oversimplifying the issue on social media.

Why have we still not accepted that tactile buttons are easier and safer than touch screens in vehicles?

Well, that was a nice little holiday break. Time to get back to work tho.

I’m weirdly excited for routine and healthier living.

I went to suburbia today and noticed that it had way more hustle and bustle than my chill city neighborhood.

Everything felt backwards. The chaotic life was outside the city while the chill was at home. I almost questioned whether I was in the right place. Gross.

I also wore contacts tonight, ran into many friends, and despite everything else being on brand, no one recognized me 🙃

Yo, why in the shit do SiriusXM hip hop DJs always tell us what time it is on the coasts?

Spent all day building a Back to the Future Delorean Lego set and it. was. awesome.

So yeah, Merry Christmas or whatever.