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Just went to a Southside DM gas station while wearing an old Ringmaster shirt, and got “woop wooooops” from 2 separate dudes. Juggalo culture is so ridiculous, lol.

Spent the afternoon deep cleaning the camper and bronco after our recent overlanding trip.

Then my buddy, Nick invited me to play sand volleyball in the rain.

And now my bronco needs another deep clean. lolcry.

Whew. Checked in to camp.

Pulling this camper with the Bronco is so much much more comfy than pulling it with the Jeep. I am a very happy boy.

Headin to Wisconsin to meet some cousins and take our broncos + tiny campers up as many gravel / dirt / fire roads as we can until we reach the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. t.co/HRzY6VFosU

Thinking about buying a drone… which I don’t need and will barely use… but my willpower is low.