October 25, 2008

I took 2 photos and wrote 14 microblogs. I was in Chicago.

at arman's place.
i am seeing club lights that are swasticas in a pentagram
the amount of shots weve taken - after the day weve had, is not necessary
at some secret afterparty with camo floors
sparks is an awful awful drink
i swear that everytime i watch diverse's set, chicago DJs get less good. maybe afterparty djs are just too fucked up.
today was a pretty long day, ha. finishin up my last piece of ebendrita and hittin the satchel
headin to the qc of a
@right65 hell yeah dude. we need to go pick some up
dekalb oasis!
whew. i think i just barely made it to this gas station. fillin up, then getting all my nova parts out of my grandma's garage.
finally got my nova all loaded up. headin back to dsm
straight up fast foodin it. i80 truckstop wendy's. ha, this is gonna be gross.
i really wish i could code and drive at the same time. my truck needs auto pilot

Listened to

Dimmu Borgir, Gojira, Underoath, Him, Metallica, Insane Clown Posse, Eagles of Death Metal, Mos Def, The Flaming Lips, 2Pac, Necro, Malice, The Rapture, Aesop Rock, blink-182, and more...