Sunday, July 16, 2017

I checked in to 5 places, took 20 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 6.31 miles. I was in Singapore and Indonesia.

12:32 am

The waterfalls inside the botanical gardens

12:33 am

A botanical waterfall at the Gardens by the Bay

12:52 am

Inside one of the crazy botanical gardens by the bay

12:59 am

This eagle head was carved out of a stump and it was awesome

1:30 am

View of the Gardens and Bay from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel

1:34 am

Looking out at the Infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands
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1:36 am

Checked in at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore, Central

2:31 am

Back to the hotel for prawns, sliders, fries, and a beer

3:08 am

Checked in at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore, Central

3:21 am

Hangin in this lil hot tub with Harper

3:39 am

Sophie is not sure about Harper's speedo

4:28 am

Swimmin on top of our hotel

5:45 am

Water taxis on the Marina Bay

6:08 am

Singapore street foods

6:09 am

Checked in at Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Singapore, Central

6:22 am

stingray, some sort of sea beans, satays, and a bunch of other awesome stuff

7:21 am

This punk/metal festival was going on just outside of the street food place. It was pretty hilarious dinner music

7:24 am

Street food eater

7:40 am

The Marina Bay Sands at night

7:40 am

The pedwalk around the marina bay area

7:43 am

The Signature Singapore Merlion

7:57 am

Checked in at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore, Central

6:11 pm

Good morning, Singapore

8:26 pm

Checked in at PayPal @ Suntec City Tower 5, Singapore, Central

8:56 pm

Aquarius. I thought this was the dewsk of the east, but it got pretty rough toward the end of my first can

8:58 pm

I think I found the dewsk of the east. AQUARIUS