Friday, August 10, 2018

I took 18 photos and walked 2.37 miles. I was in Ontario, Canada.

8:12 am

Friday crew

8:13 am

Boyd's big catch

8:17 am

Bringin one in

8:53 am

"ya bitch"

9:59 am


10:59 am

Fishin with Jeff

12:12 pm

Friday's catch

12:20 pm

The Trapper's Cabin

12:20 pm

Door to the trapper's cabin

12:20 pm

Inside the trapper's cabin

12:21 pm

Inside the old trapper's cabin

12:41 pm

Explorin around the cabin

3:08 pm

Boyd brings in a big walleye

4:34 pm


6:22 pm

Measurin them bitches

6:59 pm

A smokey sunset from some forest fires up north

7:06 pm

Hazy, smokey evening on the lake

7:30 pm