Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I checked in to 2 places, took 81 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 4.34 miles. I was in Shuniah and Armstrong, Ontario, Canada.

4:35 am

On my way to a lake with a single cabin on it.. where the only way to get to that cabin is by landing a plane on said lake. See ya next week, my dudes.

4:57 am

Checked in at Silver Minnow Bait Shop, Shuniah, Ontario

5:10 am

Up early to pick up some bait on the way up to Mattice Lake Outfitters

5:43 am

Headin further North

7:32 am

Checked in at Mattice Lake Outfitters, Armstrong, Ontario

7:36 am

At Mattice Lake Outfitters

7:58 am

A little baby pontoon plane

8:00 am

Some Planes at Mattice Lake

8:04 am

Our gear

8:10 am

Lil plane at Mattice Lake

8:15 am

Waitin for the flight

8:15 am

A bit of fireball while you wait?

8:30 am

Watching our plane arrive was pretty rad

8:30 am

This thing is apparently the Cadillac of pontoon planes

8:32 am

Pullin our plane in

8:47 am

David running church

8:50 am

Waitin out a quick storm

9:00 am

Unloadin the plane at the cabin

9:02 am

Loadin up the plane

9:02 am

Loadin up our gear

9:05 am


9:08 am

Ridin shotgun. Bout to take off

9:09 am

Beautiful views from the plane

9:09 am

Flying over the wildneress

9:10 am

Headin to the cabin

9:13 am

Shotgun plane selfie

9:20 am

I never thought about pilots flying around with their windows down and elbow hangin out

9:25 am

A river. Some cliffs.

9:27 am

Flying over some lakes and waterfalls

9:31 am

co-pilot stuff

9:36 am


9:38 am

lil plane GPS

9:39 am

Pilot and a photo of his fam

9:40 am

Looking out over the wilderness

9:46 am

The forest

9:51 am

Pulling up to our cabin

9:54 am

Unloadin the plane

10:01 am

The plane leaves us behind

10:08 am

The cabin

10:25 am

Crackin up that first beer at the cabin

10:35 am

Everyone was quick to start settin up their fishing gear

10:38 am

Cigar lit, beer cracked, tacklebox open

10:52 am

Sam makes sure the Canadian flag is a little lower than the American flag

11:50 am

To the boats!

11:59 am


12:01 pm


12:05 pm

Lookin for that perfect spot to catch some fish

12:26 pm


1:19 pm


1:30 pm

I had a bit of beginner's luck outfishing everyone else in my boat.

1:41 pm

Pullin in them fish

2:31 pm


2:34 pm

Cruisin across the lake

3:05 pm

Sam and weedy

3:21 pm

Scootin across the lake

3:22 pm

David forgot to pull the stringer in and chopped up all my fish in the prop, lol

3:33 pm

Pullin in them fish

3:41 pm

Jim pullin in the fish

3:46 pm

Headin back to the cabin

4:13 pm

The crew

4:16 pm


4:18 pm

The cabin

4:28 pm

Jim and Sam's catch

4:37 pm

Jim and Sam's catch

4:38 pm

A storm rolls through

4:43 pm

A quick downpour

4:46 pm

Cleanin up the first day's catch

4:48 pm

The storm clears

4:50 pm

Filetin them fish

5:06 pm


5:07 pm

Trompin around by the cabin

5:16 pm

A bit of walleye

5:42 pm

Fryin up some fresh walleye

5:47 pm


6:30 pm

Tasty, fresh, fish

7:21 pm

Sun goin down

7:22 pm

Sam hadn't had enough...

7:24 pm

Pullin in more fish off the dock

7:27 pm

Still water

7:42 pm

Beautiful evening in Canada

7:53 pm

Sunset over a glass lake

8:02 pm


8:03 pm

A calm evening at the cabin

8:55 pm

Calm sunset