Friday, August 3, 2018

I checked in to 9 places, took 23 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 6.99 miles. I was in New York, New York.

12:28 am

Late night jazz at Fat Cat

12:36 am

A terribly timed + blurry selfie

12:39 am

Watchin Jazz at Fat Cat

12:55 am

Foos with Gabino

12:55 am


1:18 am

Checked in at The Standard, High Line, New York, New York

1:23 am

Ayla shows us how to shoot pool

1:31 am

Kari takes a cue from Ayla

1:34 am

Late nights and fun times with Ayla and Gabino

1:36 am

Ayla and Gabino at Fat Cat

1:43 am

Goin for the kill

8:56 am

Checked in at Abingdon Market, New York, New York

9:27 am

Checked in at Venmo, New York, New York

10:36 am

Venmo Props!

11:13 am

Pitching Venmo Props

11:18 am

Props peeps!

12:08 pm

Accepting our trophy for hack week

12:12 pm

Science Fair judging

1:13 pm

United just canceled my flight with the next available departure out of New York being Sunday, lol. Fuuuuu

2:44 pm

Checked in at Hotel Hugo, New York, New York

3:07 pm


3:38 pm

Cloudy Charlie Brown

3:59 pm

Checked in at St. Cloud, New York, New York

4:06 pm

Snoopy paints Woodstock

5:07 pm

Our canceled flight opened up time to grab a rooftop cocktail with Steph

5:40 pm

Checked in at MTA Subway - 42nd St/Times Square/Port Authority Bus Terminal (A/C/E/N/Q/R/W/S/1/2/3/7), New York, New York

6:03 pm

Checked in at Posto, New York, New York

6:34 pm

Look at this yard

6:39 pm

Leaving Times Square

7:30 pm

Some super tasty pizza in Steph's neighborhood

7:39 pm


7:48 pm

Checked in at Durden Bar, New York, New York

10:02 pm

Checked in at Hotel Hugo, New York, New York