Thursday, August 9, 2018

I took 40 photos and walked 3.48 miles. I was in Ontario, Canada.

8:01 am

Ridin around with Tom

8:17 am

Tom pullin in the fish

8:18 am


9:24 am

Jeff pulls in a big Northern!

9:37 am

David brings in a nice walleye

9:56 am


10:09 am

Gettin set up

10:45 am

The crazy boat

11:01 am


11:01 am


11:01 am


11:12 am

Helpin the party people out after they got their sonar tied up in the prop.

11:37 am

"you got any whihkey!?"

11:37 am

Deliverin the goods

11:43 am

A sip of whiskey

11:44 am


11:47 am

Skull Rock. Standard Byke Co.

11:48 am

The dudes

11:48 am

Gettin heckled by the dudes

12:01 pm

How bout another walleye

12:04 pm


12:08 pm

Cleanin up a northern

12:50 pm

Kearns Lake

12:50 pm

Kearns Lake

1:19 pm

Jim couldn't take the poorly adjusted slider any more

1:48 pm


3:25 pm

32" Northern

3:54 pm

Pullin in them fish

4:42 pm

Boyd and Weedy

4:42 pm

Fish after fish

4:46 pm

Pullin in another one

5:45 pm

My Northern

5:56 pm

The old trapper's cabin

6:34 pm

Fishin stories

7:04 pm

Burger time

7:08 pm

Dinner wine selfie

7:28 pm

Dinner time

7:28 pm


8:46 pm

Checkin in on the Satellite phone

9:21 pm

Fire and a sunset