Saturday, August 11, 2018

I took 51 photos and walked 2.97 miles. I was in Ontario, Canada.

6:38 am

Early morning glass lake

6:39 am

Glass lake

6:42 am

Morning glass lake

7:23 am

Cookin up some breakfast

7:27 am

Glass lake from the cabin

7:32 am


7:53 am


8:09 am

Breakfast in the cabin

8:52 am

Let's get some more fish

8:53 am

Headin out on the glass lake

8:54 am

Tom and Jim cruising across the glass lake

8:54 am

It was unreal how calm the lake was that morning

8:55 am


8:57 am

Glass waves

9:22 am

Pullin in the big ones

9:55 am

Morning bites

10:57 am

Headin back toward the outlet

11:29 am

In a lull...

12:28 pm

A big ol Northern

12:29 pm

The cabin owner pays us a visit

12:30 pm

The cabin owner buzzes by

12:33 pm

Northern bait

1:47 pm

Tom's whiteface

2:37 pm

Tryin to catch fish on a calm, hot day

2:38 pm

Fishin dudes

2:39 pm

Tom and Jim

2:47 pm

Mid lake rendesvous

2:49 pm


3:14 pm

Dudes gettin the fish

3:32 pm

Through the top lip

3:42 pm

The other dudes

3:42 pm

The other boat takes off

3:52 pm

Me and Jeff

3:52 pm

A little afternoon whiskey

3:53 pm


4:10 pm

Hangin out in the lake

4:12 pm

Takin a dip after the last day

4:21 pm

Coolin down

4:58 pm

Jeff's and my catch

4:59 pm

Some fish to clean and take home

6:34 pm

Last dinner at the cabin

7:28 pm

Jeff win's "big northern" of the week

7:29 pm

Jeff with his champion hat

7:29 pm

Jim and Boyd tie for Big Walleye of the week

7:47 pm

Post dinner cigar

7:50 pm

Big fish catchers

8:15 pm

Preparing for a toast

8:41 pm


9:01 pm

Aaaand, more toasts

9:06 pm

Hangin around the fire

9:51 pm

Bud Light Toast?