February 18, 2009

I wrote 9 microblogs.

loving listening to archive this morning.
whew. got halfway through ankeny and realized i forgot my phone. that couldve been a rough day.
there are over 10 cops involved in a speed trap on wbound 235 at euclid. dicks.
rocking some sweet video apps for a client. ffmpeg is a neat tool.
@harper having awesome customer service doesn't completely excuse poor hosting reliability 1 comment
just drove to wells fargo while i was on hold with wells fargo. note: just drive next time.
man. this whole new house thing is a tricky, tricky puzzle. i need a cheat guide.
i wonder if i could get 2000 toothpicks in my beard. www.youtube.com/watc...KPqZwU 1 comment
stress! i need drinks. i need this weekend to happen. 2 comments

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