Sunday, August 14, 2022

I slept 7.3 hours, checked in to 2 places, took 37 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 5.51 miles. I was in Shuniah and Armstrong, Ontario, Canada.

6:24 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.3 hours

7:26 am

Bout to jump on a plane with a few dudes and land on a v remote lake that has 1 cabin, a few boats, and a shit ton of walleye in it.

Off the grid for a bit.
Gone fishin.

7:45 am

Checked in at Silver Minnow Bait Shop, Shuniah, Ontario

9:16 am

The long road North

10:13 am

Checked in at Mattice Lake Outfitters, Armstrong, Ontario

10:15 am

A plane departs

10:53 am

Super Cruiser PA-12 at Mattice Lake

10:54 am

It feels so good to be in the Northwoods

11:06 am

The fishin crew.

11:07 am

Fishin stories

11:09 am

Mattice Lake

11:16 am

Jeff and me
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11:17 am


11:20 am

Our plane

11:21 am

The plane we'll be taking to our cabin

11:38 am

Ready to load up

11:52 am

Headin out

11:57 am

Ridin shotgun in the Otter

11:59 am

Pretty views from the cockpit
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12:01 pm

Textin and flying

12:05 pm


12:08 pm

Ridin shotgun. Window down
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12:12 pm

Flight controls

12:23 pm

The forest and lakes sure are pretty from this level

12:23 pm

Comin in for a landing on Kearns Lake

12:28 pm

The crew

2:30 pm

Goin to catch some fish!

2:31 pm

Jim and David

3:20 pm

Pullin in some fish

3:21 pm

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4:33 pm

Walleye are very fun to fish
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5:07 pm

Catchin up with Jim and David

5:25 pm

Tom and Matt

5:34 pm

Matt's walleyes

5:43 pm

A couple afternoon fishies

5:44 pm

Cleanin up some dinner

6:39 pm

The chef

6:53 pm

First batch of the freshest walleye

6:53 pm

Got some beans

6:54 pm

Dinner time

8:12 pm

Bullshittin after the first day on the lake

10:32 pm

Fell asleep