Monday, August 15, 2022

I slept 6.93 hours, took 34 photos, and walked 4.14 miles. I was in Ontario, Canada.

6:01 am

Such a nice scene

6:07 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.93 hours

7:44 am

Steamy morning

8:41 am

Weedy pulls in a nice walleye

8:55 am

A loan camp chair frame. I believe this is where the old cabin was before it burned down in the 80s.

9:27 am


9:30 am

Gettin some walleyes
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10:42 am

Jim's happy place

11:56 am

Matt and David

11:57 am

Talkin about Mathew's antique diver spoon

12:42 pm


12:58 pm

Jim pulls in a nice northern

1:09 pm

Jim's and my morning catch

2:36 pm

Jim lost the suction cup for his sonar transducer... we improvised with my RAM suction + gopro mount

3:14 pm

Slayin walleyes

3:56 pm

North shore

4:06 pm

Northern lakes are so pretty

4:09 pm

Boatin with Jim

4:24 pm

Dorsals out

4:35 pm

Another little pike

4:42 pm

Matt and David

4:43 pm

Tom and Jeff

4:48 pm

I think you call this a foul hook, heh.

4:50 pm

Just pulled a hook outta that palm meat. Barb and all.

5:40 pm


5:43 pm

Hangin with Jeff and Tom

5:48 pm

A leak

6:24 pm

Forest floors

6:59 pm

Makin the pizzas

7:12 pm

Pizza boy
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7:38 pm

Pizza night

8:06 pm

Vanilla skies

9:07 pm

Chillin by the fire with Jeff and Tom

10:27 pm

The milky way

10:38 pm

The night sky from the cabin

10:59 pm

Fell asleep