Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I slept 8.18 hours, took 28 photos, and walked 5.09 miles. I was in Ontario, Canada.

7:35 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.18 hours

11:02 am


11:10 am

Sayin hi to Jeff and David

11:45 am

Measurin that fish

11:45 am

Tom pulls in a keeper

11:49 am

When in Rome. I mean, Canada

12:17 pm

Tom pulls one in

1:05 pm

Headin back for lunch

1:06 pm

Pullin up to the cabin

1:11 pm

Got some more fish to take home

1:13 pm


1:13 pm

Matt and Jim's fish

1:13 pm

Dave and Jeff's fish

1:14 pm

A clearing near the cabin

1:16 pm

Big boy spider

1:22 pm

Cuttin fries

1:45 pm

Cookin up some lunch

2:56 pm


4:53 pm

Headin back to the cabin with dark skies

6:30 pm

Checkin in with the ladies on the sat phone

7:36 pm

Pretty sky

7:40 pm

A storm's a brewin

7:46 pm


7:46 pm

Big rain

7:49 pm

Storms blowing through

7:49 pm

Storms n sunsets

7:58 pm

Painted skies

9:27 pm

This lightning looked like a bomb going off

9:28 pm

A lightning show

10:59 pm

Fell asleep