Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I slept 6.57 hours, took 22 photos, and walked 3.38 miles. I was in Ontario, Canada.

6:05 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.57 hours

7:41 am

headin out with Mathew

8:29 am

Takin off Northerns

9:12 am

A nice little Northern

9:16 am

The inlet from the Grew River

9:48 am

A lil two footer

10:09 am

Mathew pulls in a big ol snake

11:59 am

Pullin in fish

12:00 pm

Jim pulls in another walleye

12:08 pm

The cabin

3:44 pm

Another jack

4:15 pm

Jeff, Tom, and some dark skies

4:40 pm

Fishin partners

4:44 pm

Headin in from the rain

6:37 pm

Jeff and Jim's fish

6:47 pm

Cuttin up some fish

7:14 pm

Dumpin guts

7:30 pm

A toast

7:39 pm

Roughin it up north...

7:40 pm

Steak night!

8:03 pm

Ohp. What's in here?

8:03 pm

Hungry little fella

8:19 pm

Another pretty evening

10:28 pm

Fell asleep