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I’m at a show where Ben Harper is opening. He just played that hallelujah song, and I said, “oh god, I fuckin hate this song.” And 5,000 women’s necks snapped to turn around to give me a look

Kari’s family convinced me to go to a Dixie Chicks concert with them and our friends Tia and Nicole… but Kari’s parents had to bail… so now I am going to a Chicks concert with “the girls.” I am also wearing a romper.

This desk boi bod is not happy about today’s decision to move and split a giant ash tree’s worth of logs for 5.5 hours straight. Whew.

Took our bikes out to hang with some good friends tonight. Leaving the house I dropped to the lowest gear to bomb down our hill and at the bottom of the hill, I tried to shift back up a gear or 2 and it didn’t work.

So like, is “X” the verb now?
Are we X’ing?
Posting X’s?

This rebrand so stupid, lol

Are y’all able to download yer Twitter archives? Every time I try, I just never get the MFA code that I need to do so.

“Is that your bronco?” “Yea”
“You got a girlfriend?” “Yea”
“Well, hit me up when your single!” “lol, ok”