This is a collection of 19,249 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 16.18 years.

Check out my latest entries below, some of my top remarks or some things that I love or wish for.


I just love that this is the slogan for our 89 year old senator’s re-election campaign. “Eh, he works,” lol.

Let’s get some younger folks in office, please. t.co/BJcAKeKyTA

One of my neighbors just hung a TV in his garage and it’s bigger than the TV in my garage… What do I do?

Just had to end our weekend camping trip early due to a leaky camper roof. Bummer, dude.

I just got to golf in a best ball tournament at a neighborhood private club that I’ve been wanting to play at for years.

Beautiful course. Beautiful day. Fun teammates… and about half of our team’s best shots were mine.

Who’s ready to hear Apple executives excitedly talk about iterative hardware features?


Yesterday, I blew my 127 day apple fitness move goal streak... Missed it by 5 calories and UGH I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW.

Recently, my good friend Megan told me that going to bed early is like sleeping in, but the opposite.

... and that statement really flipped my world upside down.

Just shot my best round of golf since I played regularly 20 years ago… I think it’s comin back. And it feels good.

you know that part in that phil collins song where he says, "well I RE MEM BAH" and it sounds really cool?

i love that.

My dog, Durby, loves eating cicadas… but only after he lets them buzz around in his mouth for an awkward amount of time. Weirdo.

After 4 months of free boi summer, I feel like it's about time to get a job again. If you're working on, or know of something fun, plz hit me up!

I'm open to consulting, contracting, or full time work.

Here are some things that I've built: broox.dev