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Iowa used to be a leader in education and civil rights… but we’ll take runner up in women’s ncaa basketball. It’s somethin.

I am not a basketball fan, but that Iowa women’s final four game was absolutely fantastic. Holy cow.

Beating an undefeated team like that must feel incredible.

I really could’ve gone without receiving the letter that I just opened from the department of revenue today.

The hits keep comin…

House. Firewood rack. Foundation. Yard. Golf. Work. Weekends. Camping. Bronco. Selling Jeep. Driveway expansion. Patio. Staining cedar. Friends. Dog. Website. Drywall. HVAC. Paint. Weddings. Landscaping. Spring cleanup. Taxes. Bills. Global entry. Repeat.
- my brain. all night.

Kim Reynolds continues to pass hateful, regressive laws. I really do not like her being in charge.

I can’t stop thinking about how rad New Mexico was during last week’s road trip.

It was like a little Colorado with more indigenous culture…

I wanna visit again.