November 21, 2008

I took 12 photos and wrote 11 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and Ames.

aww man. i think i'm getting that sore throat that everyone else is getting. 1 comment
what's goin on with that new ped bridge downtown? they havent moved on it in months
days like these call for METAL.
whoa, it's late. goin to get lunch at granite city with todd.
there's gonna be a 4 fast 4 furious? wtf
i am ready! unfortunately i have to drive to party in iowa.
just ate a corndog, waitin on ando and nathan so we can get to ames.
at sips. free grey goose
this random dude named mike is totally hitting on kari, and i am so letting it happen. 1 comment
listening to diverse. cedric and drea, come. text me first.
ellen larson is here!!! haha 1 comment

Listened to

Justice, Kanye West, Dimmu Borgir, Gojira, and Tittsworth