Sunday, November 30, 2008

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12:22 am

Welp. Its saturday night and I've got nothin to do... Guess I'll go to bed. wtf.
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10:13 am

Up at 10, weeeee. For some reason I sorta wish today was monday.

11:55 am

it looks like my dell has an extra unhooked HD in it, wtf. i hope they accidentally shipped it like that and it took me a year to find, haha

2:55 pm

Turns out that my belly is too fat for Kari's under armor. Rides up like a half shirt.

3:51 pm

Bored and need to get out of the house, soooo. Goin to the office to work I guess, ha.

5:15 pm

@lucky33 sit at the bar if it's just 2 of you. service ruled when we sat up there yesterday.

5:58 pm

heh, wingert just dropped by the office.

6:12 pm

Driving (slowly) to boji pleasant hill to meet nathan n friends. Frackin traffic.

8:25 pm

Butts. Penises.

10:20 pm

This new ice cube is fire
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11:35 pm

Man, I've got a pretty rough sore throat goin on right now. Hopefully its not cold v1.2