Monday, November 3, 2008

I took 6 photos and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in San Antonio, Texas.

9:33 am

crawling around the attic in bre'anna's new house. running rope lights for the crown moulding

9:44 am

A crazy Segway
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10:20 am

wtf. i am pretty sure an earthquake just happened.

10:26 am

My Buddy, Cowboy

10:42 am

oh, apparently there's a quarry near here. it was a dynamite blast, ha.

11:42 am

heading down to the river walk for food, etc

12:16 pm

River Walk, San Antonio
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12:51 pm

Tossing Daniel Around

1:00 pm

Riverwalk, San Antonio

1:10 pm

On the Riverwalk
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2:37 pm

at the san antonio airport. playing computer, listening to pink floyd

5:48 pm

in memphis tenn. home sooooon!

6:59 pm

pretty frustrated about my bb curve missing text messages. me and t-mobile are gonna have words when i get home.

9:04 pm

on the ground in "dez moynnaise" (as our stewardess pronounced it)

10:39 pm

on the phone with a t-mobile rep in dallas, tx. when i said i was in iowa, he of course said, "ah, the buckeyes." no dude, that's ohio.
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