Friday, November 7, 2008

I wrote 10 microblogs.

8:28 am

today is mismatched socks day.

11:25 am

in a client meeting, watching it snow outside.

1:28 pm

cafe su

3:58 pm

so i have a sleeve ripping off of my winter coat. where can i get that tailored in des moines?
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4:30 pm

@harper maybe twitter should stop using slicehost as well.

4:33 pm

facebook is turning into myspace with all the errors i've been getting lately. apparently i dont have permission to send messages today.

5:06 pm

aww man. leavin work - street lights are on and it's snowing. wack.

8:00 pm

shopping, then getting PHOOOOOOOOooooooo... kari finally got her dress.

9:38 pm

mmm, my stomach has about a gallon of "pho a dong" in it.

11:28 pm

listening to pink floyd. writin codes.