Sunday, November 23, 2008

I wrote 8 microblogs.

12:17 am

i'm having a hard time getting in stix mode tonight

2:18 am

hittin the satchel.

10:42 am

i didnt sleep very awesomely last night. but at least im up before noon today!

11:50 am

The Password you chose is not available. Please try entering another Password. the wells fargo rewards site sucks so bad.

12:02 pm

seriously. every time i log into it makes me change my username and password. wtf.
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3:40 pm

finally got the lawn mowed and leaves mulched.

7:01 pm

makin shrimp vermicelli n green beans with wifey. then playing php.

10:03 pm

a search for "ISAN" in my itunes library yields some relaxing music... until dimmu borgir - puritanical euphoric mISANthropia comes on. wow.
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