Friday, July 11, 2008

I took 2 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in West des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa.

12:25 am

I just got my mii up to 700 in boxing... And I am straight dripping sweat. Spose I should hit the sack in a bit.

8:52 am

For the record - mint leaf shampoo is not refreshing on your eyeballs.
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12:38 pm

Meetin nick and nathan for lunch at bww

1:53 pm

I'm a speed demon
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2:36 pm

@kevinswitzer how much was your sidekick lx? couldn't have been much cheaper than $250...
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5:14 pm

Ah crap, my neighbors have some giant blowup monstrosity in their yard. and a whole mess of kids are playing/screaming on it
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6:37 pm

Ninja likes the rain train

6:43 pm

Ninja loves the rain train!

8:58 pm

What's up tonight? I'm don't for some partyin/bar hoppin

10:00 pm

Showerin then going out somewhere. Probably pointless to shower - its nasty humid out

10:39 pm

At summefest. By the shitters with trent

11:48 pm