Saturday, July 19, 2008

I took 25 photos and wrote 4 microblogs. I was in Bartonville, Illinois.

12:13 am

Hanging out at Turbo's bar

12:39 am

Playing Boom Boom Rocket

1:25 am

At B.G. Karaoke Saloon

1:25 am

Some dude doing Kid Rock karaoke

1:27 am

Jordan and I at BG's

1:30 am

A stripper pole in a karaoke bar... that gets used.
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1:31 am

Zach and I

1:32 am

Skylar and Jordan

1:32 am

Extreme Karaoke Stripper Pole Action

1:44 am

Clean it up!

11:27 am

Jordan and Skylar

11:51 am

At friar tucks, peoria, this liqour store rules - like binty's. We need one in dsm.

1:15 pm

Cassie in her convertible

2:23 pm

Turbo's Back Yard

4:24 pm

Hanging out before the party

4:27 pm

The back of Turbo's House

5:52 pm

Ninja playing with a toad

6:10 pm

At turbo's party. There's a 13 year old kid here smoking a cigar with his dad. Wtf

7:07 pm

Turbo doesn't eat small steaks.

7:08 pm

Rick making wings

7:47 pm

Turbo and his cigar

8:55 pm

Turbo has an open sign.

9:19 pm

Zach playing with my gorilla pod

9:42 pm

Turbo's neighbor made some amazing apple shots

11:02 pm

Turbo's party. Chill. Lots of people I don't know. Sorta weird. But fun.

11:09 pm

K, the racist hick kids finally left. That should make this more comfortable.

11:44 pm

Beer Beaker

11:44 pm


11:45 pm

Turbo got a few cigars...
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