Saturday, July 12, 2008

I took 21 photos and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and West des Moines, Iowa.

12:09 am

why did this get made?

2:19 am

Veggie corndogs dipped in amana mustard at 2am. Hell yes

10:19 am

@toeb1 you're an idiot, fyi. Haha
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10:27 am

And why do I let people talk me into taking shots?
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12:03 pm

Headin to WDM to watch ricky play rugby. Ashworth and 39th if you're bored

12:50 pm

Cedar Rapids Headhunters

12:54 pm


12:58 pm

Runnin after some dude

12:58 pm


12:58 pm


12:58 pm

Ricky hit that dude - hard
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12:59 pm

The dude Ricky nailed

12:59 pm

Walking away laughing after taking their dude out

12:59 pm


1:16 pm

Tim Bauer, ha

1:51 pm

About to score

3:43 pm

Goin to grab some food with diverse

6:13 pm

K, think I'm ready to party.

9:28 pm

Mira stopped by during her bachelorette party

9:36 pm

Chuck making fire

9:42 pm

Ando and Ricky

9:42 pm


9:43 pm

Nick and Tobbie

9:44 pm

Andrea and Rikki

9:50 pm

Michelle, Mira, and Jesse

9:53 pm

Mira and I

10:14 pm

Ando and Michelle

11:06 pm

Rode the gopeds to stix!!!