Thursday, July 17, 2008

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 9 microblogs.

9:15 am

9:21 am

The difference between Kari and Nathan

9:27 am

i think we should start a programmer/coder group in des moines. start with an irc channel. i wonder if any #dmtweetup peeps are interested.

10:30 am

@Jensenrf what should we call it?
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12:35 pm

@Jensenrf that's a good article, but i dunno about that name. i posted my 2 pennies in the comments. this is a good start!

5:26 pm

There is nothing worse than an interstate full of pussies
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5:45 pm

Attempting to cut my own hair. I may end up with a shaved head.

6:55 pm

Just straight mohawked my hair. Meetin friends at ban thai for mindy's birthday

8:14 pm

Wow ban thai is really good. And hot means hot. I'm straight sweating and my face is burning off.

9:58 pm