Friday, July 4, 2008

I took 30 photos and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in Newton and Des Moines, Iowa.

12:15 am

"If you're not drinkin to get drunk, you're drinkin to get fat." Home. Fat n tired.

9:18 am

Goin to newton for the parade...

10:09 am

Uncle Sam

11:04 am

Newton Pool

12:23 pm

Still hanging out in newton... Ready to get back to civilization.

3:22 pm

back home. hangin out for a bit, maybe napping... weird.

6:46 pm

walkin up to #8035

7:13 pm

Walking up to Main Stage to check out Andrew Bird

7:13 pm

at andrew bird for a sec

7:16 pm

Kids watching shows from some roof... I hope they paid

7:19 pm

Andrew Bird at 80/35

7:50 pm

Looking at Main Stage from that giant mound in the park

8:18 pm

watching the flatform kids

8:21 pm

Kari and Drea

8:22 pm

Some acrobatic Kung Fu stuff

8:34 pm

Flatform Kids

8:42 pm

Flatform at 80/35
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9:02 pm

at flaming lips, right in front of the soundboard

9:05 pm

Flaming Lips at 80/35

9:06 pm

Wayne Coyne running around the audience in the bubble/hamster ball

9:07 pm

Teletubbies on Stage

9:08 pm

Confetti at the Flaming Lips

9:10 pm

The Flaming Lips

9:14 pm

This mic camera was hilarious

9:16 pm

Wayne Coyne Rocking

9:21 pm

Wayne Coyne and some streamers

9:23 pm

Painted Naked Festival Girls On Stage

9:24 pm

Painted Naked Festival Girls On Stage

9:24 pm

Flaming Lips and the Painted Naked Chicks On Stage
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9:25 pm

"When i was coming to Iowa, they warned me about giant mosquitos, but they didn't say a thing about the crazy painted up naked chicks"

9:45 pm

Flaming Lips at 80/35

10:10 pm

Balloon full of confetti

10:18 pm


10:27 pm

Flaming Lips at 80/35

10:36 pm

Flaming Lips at 80/35

10:37 pm

Everyone loves 50 foot naked girls
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10:37 pm

50 foot naked girls!

10:42 pm

Kari and I

10:55 pm

dang, #8035 was awesome so far. good job dsm. maybe going out downtown. where yall at?