Sunday, July 20, 2008

I took 27 photos and wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Bartonville and Knoxville, Illinois.

12:31 am

In Randal's Truck

12:33 am

In Randal's Truck

12:34 am

In Randal's Truck

12:56 am

Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like her?

12:57 am

1:05 am

1 Time and 2 Time

1:07 am

"What the hell is going on?"

1:13 am

Kelli and friends showed up

1:13 am

Randal and Kelli
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1:16 am

Extreme cowboy rap, grind action.

1:19 am

Skylar, Heather, and Turbo

1:20 am

Aaron and I

1:22 am


1:29 am


1:30 am

Sunglass trading... and Kelli
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1:31 am

More Sunglass wearing

1:41 am

I just got my nipples slapped

1:50 am

Wow. Boobs are awesome.

1:50 am

Troy and Zach's Boob responses.

1:59 am

Jaydin singing, "ohh ah ah ah ah ah"

1:59 am


2:02 am

Wine by the glass $2.50

2:12 am

Deciding that we need to party some more.

2:14 am

I really need to stop taking my pants off.

2:15 am

That's Cory Todd. Cory Todd is a douchebag.
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2:33 am

BG KARAOKE SALOON!!!! Hell yes, bartonville. This place is amazing

2:34 am

Cory todd is a douchebag

11:39 am

Turbo's bathrooms are amazing.

12:19 pm

Grabbin sandwiches in peoria, then going to visit zach's dad.

1:40 pm

Ninja at Zach's dad's place.

2:12 pm

Leavin galesburg. Headin back to des moines...

6:33 pm

Gettin some pizza with wifey.