Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I wrote 9 microblogs.

8:10 am

payday = bill pay day. i hate bill pay day.

12:03 pm

Also running home to get some paperwork...

12:44 pm

w00t! got all my tax penalties removed. the IRS is so much easier to work with over the phone.

1:24 pm

trying to make sproutcore and rails agree on their RESTfulness. and i'm about to call the cops on my screamin-ass neighbor kids.

4:50 pm

@kevinswitzer - waste of time. just get real world programming experience.
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5:13 pm

Trying to re-model an app that was modeled like absolute shit is so frustrating. I'm mad about my inability to conquer this... Tomorrow.

8:23 pm

Shrimp tacos!

9:13 pm

Workin out for the first time in a bit.

10:06 pm

kari got flickr. add her: flickr.com/photos/karibroox/