Thursday, July 31, 2008

I took 16 photos and wrote 3 microblogs. I was in Iowa and Minnesota.

7:53 am

Up! And ready to get to josh's.

12:00 pm

Northern Iowa Windmills

12:00 pm

Northern Iowa Wind Turbines

12:08 pm

Just pulled into the promised land. The clouds parted, streams are flowing and the deer and antelope are playing.

4:09 pm

In Josh's House

7:00 pm

Pulled into town, walked around fort ridgely, had haueys at front st, rehearsed, and now we're at jackpot - with (spotty) cell service

8:33 pm


8:44 pm

The Return of the Boot

9:08 pm

Before we remembered that we had 2 cars at the casino
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9:31 pm

Walking out to Ramsey Falls

9:36 pm

Ramsey Falls

9:43 pm

Mickey's Grenades

9:44 pm

Rootbeer Schnapps, wtf?

9:47 pm

At the Falls

11:05 pm

Setting up tunes at Front Street

11:10 pm

Hauensteins at Front Street

11:12 pm

At Front Street

11:32 pm

At Front Street

11:35 pm

At Front Street
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