July 3, 2008

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 7 microblogs.

And the mirror said, "you are, you conceited bastard"
The Ultimate Drive (round 2)
The Ultimate Drive (round 2) derek.broox.com/the-...und-2/
I want those linda farrow sunglasses in that new zock on video.
Runnin around downtown. Gettin icubs tickets and food.
Just washed my truck. Gotta have a clean truck on independence day, right?
Icubs game with kari's family.
At cabco for the 2nd time today

Listened to

The Rapture, C.J., Busta Rhymes, Munga, Mobb Deep ft. Havoc & Prodigy from H.N.I.C. Part 2 Sessions, and Michael Hunter